Native Microbials
      Interim Chief Scientific Officer (2020-21)
      Microbial Community Scientist (2016-18)

General Automation Lab Technologies
      Computational Biologist (2016-17)

Zengler Lab
      Microbiologist (2014-17)

NanoConversion Technologies
      Engineer (2012-14)


PhD, University of California, San Diego
      PhD in Computational & Systems Biology (2018-Present)
      Mentor: Dr. Rob Knight

Bachelors of Science, UCSD
      B.S. in Bioengineering (2014-17)


I am a microbiologist and computational biologist, interested in all the ubiquitous and extraordinary microbes that form the invisible world around and in us.


My research focuses on leveraging experimental and computational -biology in conjunction, to advance our understanding of how complex host-microbe systems are formed and perpetuated.

I have helped develop several compositional methods to better visualize how microbial communities differ between source environments (Martino et al., 2019, Martino et al., 2020, Fedarko et al., 2020, Cantrell et al., 2021). These methods help to better understand how host resident microbial communities are formed, develop as we age, and impact our health (Song, Wang, and Martino et al., 2021). Many important host-microbe interactions are governed by the alterations/use of glycans. Examples in my research of microbe-host-glycan interactions, are how the breakdown of the food we eat can impact health (Zaramela & Martino et al., 2019) and how modification of the host cell glycans (known as the glycocalyx) impact our susceptibility to diseases like COVID-19 (Martino et al., 2021).

When not studying microbes I like to spend time in the ocean (sneaking into a rad barrel below) or ride my bike.